Terms & Conditions

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  1. Key of Definitions & Interpretations

T&C – Terms and Conditions

LDC – Lakes and Dales Campervan hire

Camper / Vehicle – The campervan hired to you under this agreement & specified in the booking confirmation which you will have received.

Hire – Period for which you request to hire the vehicle as per booking confirmation.

You/Your/Hirer – The person(s) signing this agreement as hirer of the vehicle, who completed the original booking form, or on whose behalf it was completed.

We/Our/Us/LDC– Mr J Cuff and Mrs A Cuff, trading as Lakes and Dales Campervan Hire, of 1 Greenacres Drive, Garstang, Preston, Lancashire PR3 1RQ.

2. Terms of Use

2.1 Camper / Motorhome Hire

We hire the vehicle to you subject to this agreement (compromising of the booking form, these T&C, the insurance policy which covers the vehicle, the vehicle interior and equipment of LDC with the hire). By returning and or signing the booking form you are agreeing to comply with the terms of agreement between you and LDC.

    1. Vehicle Insurance

All drivers must and agree to be responsible for the £500 excess for the vehicle insurance in any such event, and the hirer is personally responsible for all damage to the interior of the vehicle for the full and complete repairs to put it back into the condition it was received on handover.

All drivers must comply with the following:-

  • Provide a current valid drivers’ licence ID card on the day of hire
  • Be aged between 23-75 yrs
  • Have had a valid UK or EU licence for 2 years
  • Not have had their licence suspended within the last 3 years
  • Not have more than 6 points currently on their licence. Proof of this may be requested.
  • Not have obtained any of the following convictions BA, DD or UT
  • Provide 2 utility bills to evidence the same name and address which appears on the drivers licence. 
  • Any claims within the last 3 years must be notified to the insurance company, stating value and dates of the claims
  • You sign the booking form to declare that you are in good health, meaning you have no mental or physical disabilities that would interfere with your ability to drive (such examples may be stroke/deafness/heart condition/diabetes/poor sight/ epilepsy/under the influence of drugs or alcohol) and continue to drive with only good health throughout the hire.
  • Signed and returned the booking form to LDC

The insurance company hold the right to make changes without notice therefore some of the above detail may alter slightly but you will be notified on booking of any alterations to the above agreement.

If you fail to provide us with accurate information your insurance may be invalid and in which case you will be liable for all losses / damages sustained during the hire period including claims by third parties. This insurance do not cover your own personal belongings.

If any third party suffers death, personal injury or damage to property caused by use of the vehicle that involves a breach by you, or any authorised driver of any of the T&C of this agreement or by reckless or negligent act by yourself, you agree to indemnify us, if we have to compensate: (a) the insurers for any costs they make to a third party on your behalf; and / or (b) any third party.

Security Bond – The sum of £750 which will either be left with us at the time of hire, in the form of cash or card details with all the necessary information to take charges as agreed within these T&C.

We reserve the right to take the charges from the card/cash given, receipts and a list of charges will be provided and photos where possible.

    1. Hirer’s Excess

The hirer is responsible for a standard excess of £500 in case of accidental damage, fire, theft or third party damage to the vehicle or if any specially arranged excess from the insurance company due to exceptions apply from the above vehicle insurance regulations, you will be notified of this at the time of booking. The hirer is fully liable for windscreen, window, tyre and undercarriage damage.

Any claim made with the insurance company on your behalf will go through as a claim with the drivers’ name at the time of the incident against their NCD.

If there are more than one driver and confusion about this LDC will take the funds from the security bond given regardless of blame. By signing the agreement you also agree for LDC to share your information with the insurance company or anybody or company who sends LDC charges incurred whilst on hire with you.

    1. Security bond

The provision of a security bond of £750 will be taken at the time of hire as stated above.

This will only be used in rare circumstances to cover accidental or deliberate damage to either the vehicle exterior and or interior and other costs incurred as a result of the hire. Please note you are responsible for any / all damage to the interior of the vehicle, this could exceed the security bond given.

The security bond will be in the form of Debit/Credit Card details or cash. We will require the card number, expiry date, postcode, house number and security code (3 digits).

If funds are held they will be refunded within 7 working days of the end of hire period so long as the T&C of the rental are met and that the costs have all been itemised, if this is ongoing we may have to wait until everything is finalised.

Labour charges may apply for any repairs or work carried out to put the vehicle back to hire standard, as you received the vehicle at handover.

Every attempt will be made to discuss the charges, we reserve the right to take the charges from the card/cash given as the security bond on the day of hire, receipts and a list of charges will be provided and photos where possible, this will usually be by the way of email.

    1. Payment and Cancellation

A non-refundable booking fee of £150 is required at the time of booking which secures your booking.

The balance is due 4 weeks prior to hire start date, or the full amount if within 4 weeks.

Cancellations before 4 weeks, there is no refund of the £150 booking fee and nothing more is owed from the hirer.

For cancellations post 4 weeks before the hire date are subject to the full hire charge. If this is not paid within the 4th week prior to the hire we have the right to re-offer this hire period.

Every effort by way of communication already used will used to advise the hirer of the situation. However if we are able to re-sell the hire period a part refund or refund may be given, excluding the £150 non-refundable booking fee this would be at our discretion.

    1. Charges of hire

The charges stated on our booking form / invoice cover you for the use of the vehicle during the hire period.

Late return outside this period unless authorised will be charged, please also be aware that the vehicle may not be insured.

These charges will all depend on the costs incurred to LDC as a result of the late return of the vehicle with regards to the subsequent hire of the vehicle or future bookings.

    1. Hirer rental restrictions & hirer using the vehicle guidelines

Please note that additional costs may apply;

You are authorised to drive the vehicle within the conditions in this agreement and must at all times use the vehicle in a responsible manner. As a result of not complying with these T&C and costs are incurred to LDC or any other 3rd party the hirer is liable.

We also reserve the right to take back the vehicle at any time at your expense if you are in breach of this agreement.

  • You must have completed and signed the booking form and provided all the documentation required to set up the vehicle insurance.
  • No one-way rentals
  • Must not sublet the vehicle to any other party
  • Must not ignore warning lights on the vehicle (for example the engine management light), you will be responsible for any repairs incurred by as a result of ignoring any warnings.
  • No smoking in the vehicle or in any awnings attached to the vehicle
  • Passengers are limited to the capacity of the vehicle as per seat belts fitted. It is your responsibility to provide and fit safe child seats where necessary
  • Responsible for fuelling the vehicle with diesel fuel. You are liable for all costs incurred and any damage to the engine and vehicle as a result of incorrect fuelling. The vehicle has a full fuel tank at handover and must be returned with a full fuel tank.
  • May not use the vehicle to carry goods or hire and reward
  • May not use the vehicle to tow any trailer or other vehicle, unless authorised in writing at time of booking.
  • Must not leave keys in the ignition when you are away from the vehicle.
  • Responsible for loss of keys falls to the hirer, and the cost of replacement will be charged.
  • Responsible for not driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs according to the law
  • Must not drive the vehicle off public roads (including beaches & sea ports) apart from within recognised campsites
  • Must not submerge the vehicle in water
  • Responsible to report theft of the vehicle to the police to the police and LDC immediately or at time of discovery
  • Responsible for any traffic, parking or other vehicle regulations incurred during your use of the vehicle
  • May not use the vehicle to take part in contests, rally, races or such like
  • Responsible to report damage, accident or incident directly to LDC immediately or at time of discovery of the incident. Photos of any incident could prove useful
  • Responsible to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel the same as it was at handover (£10 admin will apply plus cost to refill – receipt will be provided)
  • Return the vehicle clean and in the same condition as when you received it at handover, charges may apply £50 per hour or thereof
  • Cooking appliances (oven, hob, fridge) and utensils must be clean for use, charges may apply, £50 per hour or thereof, if applicable
  • The vehicle must be returned within the time stated on the booking form, if not a late charge of £50 per hour will apply, to cover the added insurance and other costs which may apply. It is not fair to be late for the next hire.

Please note that the vehicle is may not be insured outside the contract of hire.

  • Carry any object or substances which due to their condition or smell may harm the vehicle or delay our ability to rent the vehicle for the next hire
  • Pets by prior arrangement at time of booking and the charges agreed. All damage caused by pets irrelevant of value exceeding £750 bond will be fully charged
  • It is possible to have more than one driver, all drivers must provide their driving licence details as noted above in the ‘vehicle insurance’ and agree for us to share their details with a 3 party ie insurance company or any claims made against the vehicle /driver whilst on hire with you.
    1. Your own personal Holiday Insurance

Please make sure you have appropriate holiday insurance to cover any eventualities. Your contents are not insured by LDC. There will be no refund in the event of early return e.g. illness, accident, theft.

LDC cannot be held responsible for adverse weather conditions affecting any hire.

    1. Fines and Liability incurred during your hire

Drivers are responsible for any legal penalties e.g. parking fines, speeding tickets, incurred during the hire period. These charges may be taken by way of the security bond or passed directly to the hirer.

We also reserve the right to pass on your details if such an incident occurs.

    1. Maintenance by the hirer

Hirer will be responsible for regular oil and water checks and stop and react to any dash warning lights.

Hirer must provide receipts for any repairs incurred which you will have discussed with LDC before any work is started on the vehicle.

You will be advised on collection any necessary advise for oil and water checks that will be deemed necessary within the agree hire time and mileage. If you exceed the agreed time hire and mileage you will be responsible for any maintenance checks as detail above.

2.11 Your vehicle

Please be aware that your vehicle will be kept in a secure compound, with CCTV but will be left at owners own risk. LDC do not accept any responsibility for any damage or theft to your vehicle

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